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​ My Journey

​First, I learned to sew and found that I really enjoyed making things with my own hands. A few years later I took a quilting class and fell in love with the possibilities of creating something beautiful that could be handed down to my children. The community of quilters that I have met since I began my quilting journey have been amazing, helpful, and insightful. In today's world of social media and busy lifestyles you rarely get an opportunity to chat face to face. By becoming a part of the quilting community, you become part of a family that works together for the good of the group, the artistry and to keep an old tradition alive.

I believe in carrying quality products that offer great value.  By Summer 2018 I will host a quilting forum where members can share their journey, projects, ask questions and receive assistance with quilting. I hope you'll choose to be a part of our community!